Parody Gang celebrates three years of thought-provoking collaboration in South Africa

Parody Gang

Author: External Editorial

Creative works that drive shift. That’s the tagline that greets you when you first visit the newly revamped website of Parody Gang, a bubbling South African collective working to provoke thought, challenge the status quo and connect people with the world they live in.  The company has just turned two and it has been quite the ride for Managing Director Dominique Little, who celebrates the milestone hot off’ the heels of their web series ‘This is Fiction’ airing its final episode to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and critics alike.  Check it out on Youtube if you haven’t seen it yet.

“I initially wanted to work for myself as a photographer,” Dominique says, “how wildly different to what we’re actually doing now!” (she laughs).  Having always approached her career with an entrepreneurial spirit and dreaming of building something meaningful, it doesn’t seem like the change in direction has phased her all too much. In fact, the company is branching out into fashion and film for the remainder of the year; areas she’s still rather tight-lipped about but naturally, we had to go digging when it came up.

She caves (to an extent) and gives us a few more details about the currently untitled SS2018, Parody Gang’s upcoming clothing collection. “We are very excited about its launch this spring,” (ok, so now we’re getting somewhere), “more so because we are dying to actually wear clothes designed with intention, for the creative professional”. She goes on to mention that all Parody Gang’s ventures question perception, belief and invoke conscious engagement and this line is no different. We tried working in another question about it but it seems we’ll have to learn more about the line as it rolls out (“You’ll be the first to know”, she promises).

New ventures aside, where does she see the company in 2022?  She refers to their emergence into ‘a time of the hybrid’ in the creative world.  Whilst staying true to their roots in film, fashion and design, she hopes the company will cross pollinate into different industries, further expanding on their goals. They hope to work with different individuals and organisations, whilst bringing authenticity to the fore in every project they choose to undertake.

If Parody Gang embraces and moves with the new, calls on the wisdom of the old and stays steadfast in the vision they have for their work and the world around us, the opportunities are really endless.  Watch this space and remember to subscribe to their newsletter to stay in the loop regarding all their future projects.

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